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Cultivation and Soil Equipment

/Cultivation and Soil Equipment
  • Bomet Rotavator blades 2 bolt holes, left and right hand.
  • Parmiter 8ft mounted disc harrow folding headstock full set of new bearings fitted adjustable angle on disc sections
  • 2 leg subsoiler new shins, points and base plates suitable for stubble and tramlines.
  • Gearbox for bomet gearbox 6 spline input shaft and hexagonal centre hub.
  • Kv 5m hydraulic folding disc harrows trailed with adjustable drawbar good discs and good condition
  • Parmiter 8ft disc harrow  
  • NEW Erth 4 leg Grass land subsoiler fitted with hyd operated depth control and auto reset legs Grass Subsoiler Features • Sprung loaded disks cut a neat slot through the sod. • Low lift point lifts the soil structure evenly across the profile giving good lift with minimal soil disruption. • Hydraulic auto-reset for reliable performance and maximum output. Allows break-back pressure to be varied to suit conditions. • Rubber mounted main pivot (patent pending) allows the leg to oscillate sideways round obstacles increasing protection further. • Reset trips up and back to minimise stress and prevent stones rising to the surface. • Smooth roller c/w hydraulic depth adjustment levels the surface and closes the slot for a perfect finish. Also gives positive depth control and improved traction.

    Grass Subsoiler Options

    • Sizes: 3-leg, 4-leg, 3 / 4 leg combi or 5-leg 3m machine. • Soft drive on rear roller. • Various leg options. • Steel toothed packer.
  • McCord Machinery carry a full range of KV plough parts in stock including boards, points landslides, shares,  skimmers and discs
  • NEW Gravel Mole plough or gravel tunneller, suitable for use with tractor 3 point linkage mounted, with gravel hopper, cutting disc for work in grassland, hydraulic operated door on hopper, adjustable door for control of depth of stone. was designed with the aid of computer aided design
  • McCord Machinery carry a full range of Overum and Fisker plough parts in stock including boards, points landslides, shares, skimmers and discs.
  • Norman Raw 3 leg subsoiler in very good condition with stands.