Talex Bocian 225 silage / straw wilter

NEW  Through a high speed shaft, which uses spring joints, you get a raised, broken and

airy material with low humidity at the same time arranged to any width by adjustable
outlet flaps, which facilitates the work and preventing the need to involve additional
people, above all reduces the time needed to produce rich fodder, the main component
in the diet.
BOCIAN serves well at the preparation of green mass for baling silage as well as the
collection of forage from self-propelled cutters.
It’s versatility will also be appreciated during collection of straw on farms producing
cereal grain.
Bocian 225
Cutting width 2,25m
Rotational speed of the PTO 540 Obr/min
Power demand 45 KW/ 60 KM
Number of springs on the shaft: 72 pieces
Weight 580 kg