Fleming Double Bale Lifter

(DBBH) The Fleming Double Bale Tipper needs a minimum 100 horse power tractor. This bale handler can be fitted both on front and back of tractor for carrying 4 bales. The Bale Tipper gives the option of storing bales on their end or on the side for better protection. All hinge points on this bale handler are bushed and greased for longer life and minimum maintenance. The Fleming Double Bale Tipper has a Heavy duty main beam made from 120mm reinforced structural box frame, built for the demanding requirements of large scale farming and contracting operations. Hyd tipping latch with spring return for easy tipping This bale handler has a large 90mm diameter domed arm that is splayed for better bale protection and easy bale entry and pick up Optional 3PL settings This machine works equally well with silage, haylage, hay and straw round bales, wrapped bales or unwrapped round bales.

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