Moore MDH 1700 Dual Hopper UniDrill

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  • A Dual Hopper Seed Drill allows you to apply fertiliser or a companion crop with your main crop – saving time and money!
  • Simple and reliable Dual Hopper Seed Drill – low operating costs, common parts, and a long working life
  • Two types of seed or seed & fertiliser can be applied together in one seed furrow – ideal for starter fertiliser or cover/companion cropping scenarios.
  • Dual Accord Metering Units, Dual Hopper (1700L total), One Hydraulic Fan
  • Same quality Moore wearing parts and frame components.
  • A disc & coulter design is the best for cutting through trash – it does not lift stones or bunch up and drag trash.
  • The disc & Moore coulter cuts through, removes and spreads existing root and plant matter.
  • The 3 degree angled disc and 40mm coulter creates a harrowing and levelling effect;  spreading dung, removing ATV ruts and winter hoof damage.
  • The 40mm coulter design creates a mini furrow opening in the ground which the seed can thrive in. This mini furrow allows air, water and nutrients to enter the soil thus improving soil health and drainage.
  • The mini furrow created helps to shelter the young seedling’s. The serrated disc cultivates the slot creating an ideal seed bed for the seedling to get it’s roots into the ground as well easy access upwards to light and oxygen.

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